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Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl

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Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl



2018 Superbowl draws increased participation and record payout

The 2018 Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl was once again a successful event for young exhibitors of SimGenetics. The event, now in its 26th year, featured purebred Simbrah and Simmental, as well as percentage Simbrah and Simmental shows, plus showmanship. The show is made possible by sponsors who each put up $1,000 and then junior exhibitors who purchase calves from them are eligible to compete. This year over $40,000 was awarded in prize monies, buckles and scholarships to the 168 exhibitors. The Superbowl was held, February 14th in conjunction with the San Antonio Livestock Show and Exposition and more than $800,000 has been paid out during the event’s history.

            Showmanship judges Luke Bowman and Katy Knox Wunderlich sorted the eight showmanship divisions and then collectively chose an overall supreme and overall reserve showman. Each division of showmanship saw over $600 awarded between the top 10 placings, plus a buckle was awarded to the top two placing individuals in each age division. The overall grand showman received $1,000 and the reserve grand $750 for their wins.

            In the 8-9-year-old division of showmanship the winner was Mia Ramirez, followed by Rory Die, Cash Martinez, Xavier Martinez, Rylie Smith, Camryn Skaggs, Fisher Dees, Mayson Elliott and Ashlyn McCall.

            In the 10-11-year-old division the winner was Aubree Blissard, followed by Carlos X Guerra, III, Jake Hayman, Avery Hunt, Jennifer Mask, Matthew Sanchez, Jayci Phillips, Gavin Hinckley, Kaylee Langford and Jarrett Pool.

In the 12-13-year-old division Miranda Skaggs took home the winnings for the first place slot, followed by Hallie Hackett, Bradley Meuth, Makayla Sanchez, Jerrell Williams III, Mackenzie Groce, Marcela Garza, Kaydence Orth, Haley Bryand, and Ava Vela.

In the 14-year-old division the winner was Natalie Martinez, followed by Robert Stavinoha, Kiley French, Reese Gonzalez, Rachel Lewis, Mike Petrus, Lorelai Hill, Audrey Garrett, Kayla McCall and Natalie Ellis.

            In the 15-year-old group, Clay Smith claimed the first place honor followed by Mia Barba, Charlotte Williams, Diana Garcia, Lauren Cooper, Trever Jenkins, Madison Rose, Wyatt Huebner, Emily Ramzinski and Morgan Maniscalco.

            Allie Jordan was the winner of the 16-year-old division and she was followed by Caleb Fuchs, Kayden Tanner, Jadan Butler, Brooke Charpiot, Megan Rogers, Madison Brown, Olivia Mitchell, Zachary Mills and Meghan Hein.

            The competitive 17-year-old division saw Hayden Hackett as the winner, followed by Reagan Merryfield, Jacob Friedrich, Ashley Mixon, Amelia Stavinoha, Cole Mau, Trent Clark, Olivia Vela, Cameron Young and Tyler Denny.

            The final group, the 18-year-olds, saw Ryan Eary take the top honors followed by Dillon Jackson, Macy Bennett, Alyssa Bowen, Graceann Mullins, Westin Whitaker, Steven Gooch, Maci Southern, Lauren Garrett and Jordan Meyer.
            The overall grand champion showman was Allile Jordan with Hayden Hackett taking the reserve overall position. Again, they won $1,000 and $750 respectively for those titles, plus their buckles and money from their age division.

            In the purebred Simbrah show, the grand champion honor was won by Hayden Hackett with his senior division winner, sponsored by McCrary Farms and Smith Genetics. The female was sired by McCrary Smith Inspired. The reserve grand Simbrah honor was captured by Diana Garcia with her LMC 6G Red Rock 5Y/203 daughter sponsored by Cameron Chappell. She was the champion junior heifer in the overall drive. They received $1,500 and $1,000 respectively, plus the division monies of $200 and $150, which was paid to all division and reserve division winners in the purebred Simbrah show.

            Jill Phelps exhibited the junior heifer calf champion with a JV Cattle Co. sponsored heifer sired by KSSR Milestone and Marcela Garza took the reserve with a Bar P Bar Cattle Co heifer, sired by LMC 6G Red Rock 5Y/203. Morgan Maniscalco won the senior heifer calf honor with a Smith Genetics/Temperance Livestock sponsored heifer, sired by Smith TMP Red Jewel and Colby Jedlicka was reserve with a La Muneca/6G sponsored heifer, sired by LMC Gold Medal 5Z/75. Grant Hinckley won the intermediate title with a Smith Satisfies daughter from Smith Genetics and Temperance Livestock sponsored female, while Cole Mau claimed the reserve with LMC 3P So Johnny 5W/286 daughter sponsored by Boening Bros. Haley Bryand won the champion early junior division with 6G/LMC Ragin Cajun daughter and Graceann Mullins was the reserve winner with a daughter of LMC 6G Red Rock 5Y/203 daughter.  La Muneca, sponsored both heifers in this division. Regan Merryfield claimed the reserve junior honor with a Hagan Arapaho daughter from Hagan Cattle Co., and Victor Balderas won the reserve honor with a PRR Prevail bred female, sponsored by La Muneca.

            In the Simmental Show, Allie Jordan claimed the grand honor and $1,500 with her HPF Quantum Leap daughter sponsored by Circle M Farms. She won the senior division on her way to the overall title. Lily Romanchuk claimed the $1,000 prize as the reserve grand as she was the calf division winner. Her heifer was sired by Longs Captain Jack and she was sponsored by Elmore Cattle Services.  Division and reserve division winners receive $100 and $50 respectively in the Simmental show.
            Brandon Adams exhibited the reserve heifer calf with a JSSC Wide Body daughter sponsored by Blount Farms. Jayci Phillips was the junior champion with her FBFS Wheel Man daughter from Foster Bros and Tristan Boone was the reserve with a heifer from Turkey Creek Cattle Co and sired by VLF/OBC Steelin Banners. Mike Petrus, claimed the reserve senior honor with a heifer from Southern Jewel Cattle Co. and sired by TLLC One-Eyed Jack.

            Reeze Gonzalez won the Percentage Simbrah show with his Baring Cattle Co. sponsored heifer and won $500. She was sired by ZKCC Chopper and Robert Stavinoha won the reserve grand title with his Rolling Hills Endeavor sired heifer from 6G Ranch. He won $250.

            In the percentage Simmental Show, Kayden Tanner won the grand honor and $500 with his Southern Jewel sponsored heifer, sired by LLSF Uprising and Kaylee Langford was the reserve with a Sandeen Upper Class daughter from Udell Cattle Co. She won $250.

            At the conclusion of the event 41 exhibitors were awarded a $250 scholarship each. Sponsors for this year’s event included 6G Ranch, 7N Ranch, Bar P Bar Cattle Co., Baring Cattle Co., Blissard Cattle Co., Blount Farms, Boening Bros., Chappell/CTCF, Circle M Farms, Diamond RF Farms, Elmore Cattle Services, Foster Bros Farms, Freasier Ranch, Hagan Cattle Co., H-3 Harris Farms, JV Cattle Co., Knezek Simmental Simbrah Ranch, Las Escoba Cattle Co., La Hacienda Hinojosa, La Morra Ranch, La Muneca Cattle co., La Negra Cattle co., LPJ Ranch, McCrary Farms, Morris Cattle Co., Pine Ridgee Ranch, Reavis Farms, RGV Cattle Co., Smith Genetics, Southern Jewel Cattle Co., Temperance Livestock, Triple J/Tortorici/Carpenter Ranch, Turkey Creek Cattle Co., Udell Cattle Co. and Walters Livestock Enterprises.

Hayden Hackett exhibited the Superbowl Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer.

Diana Garcia exhibited the Superbowl Reserve Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer.


Allie Jordan exhibited the Superbowl Grand Champion Simmetnal Heifer

Lily Romanchuk exhibited the Superbowl Grand Champion Simmental Heifer


Reese Gonzalez exhibited the Superbowl Grand Champion Percentage Simbrah Heifer

Robert Stavinoha exhibited the Superbowl Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Simbrah Heifer.


Kayden Tanner exhibited the Superbowl Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer

Kaylee Langford exhibited the Superbowl Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer.


Showmanship winners included (l to r) Mia Ramirez, Rory Die, Aubree Blissard, Carlos X. Guerra III, Miranda Skaggs, Hallie Hackett, Natalie Martinez, Robert Stavinoha, Clay Smith, Mia Barba, Allie Jordan, Caleb Fuchs, Hayden Hackett, Regan Merryfield, Ryan Eary, and Dillon Jackson. Front row includes judges Luke Bowman and Katy Knox Wunderlich. Back row includes Brian DeFreese, American Simmental Association former chairman, Carlos Guerra, sponsor and founder, Fred Schuetze American Simmental Association former chairman and Tim Smith, sponsor and founder and American Simmental Association Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


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