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Simmental-Simbrah Superbowl Celebrates 25 Years

Junior exhibitors of Simmental, Simbrah, Percentage Simbrah and Simbravieh competed for over $45,000 in prize monies, awards and scholarships at the 2017 Simmental-Simbrah Superbowl. The event in its 25th year has now awarded almost $750,000 in monies and prizes to 1,500 plus exhibitors of SimGenetics. The show is made possible by sponsors who each put up $1,000 and junior exhibitors who purchase calves from them are eligible to compete. The event was held in conjunction with the San Antonio Livestock Show and each exhibitor was only allowed to bring one animal to the competition. This year’s event drew 161 exhibitors.

Emily Lochner and Laramie Priest drew the task of sorting through the eight age divisions of showmanship. The two judged separately four age groups each and then collaborated on the overall honors. The showmanship contest awarded money to ten places in each age group. First received a buckle and $100, 2nd, a buckle and $50 and from there the payment went $100, $80, $75, $60, $50, $40, $35 and $30.
In the 8-9-year-old division of showmanship the winners were first, Jennifer Mask, followed by Jake Hayman, Emily Denny, Brylen Beicker, Mayson Elliott, Kaitlyn Hendricks, Harper Mau, Avery Hunt, Callie Heaton and Halle Orth.

In the 10-11-year-old division, the winner was Carlos X. Guerra III, followed by Jayci Phillips, Brinley Beicker, Matthew Sanchez, Marcela Garza, Ryleigh Whitaker, Ava Vela, Braden Roehling, Grant Hinckley and Landon Barnett.

The 12-13-year-old division of showmanship winners in order of first to tenth were Miranda Skaggs, Bradley Meuth, Kenzie Martinez, Kaydence Orth, Natalie Martinez, Mackenzie Groce, Leroy Stavinoha, Lorelai Hill, Makayla Sanchez, Strone Sulak. 

In the14-year-old division the winners were Mia Barba in first, followed by Madison Culpepper, Lauren Cooper, Clay Smith, Trever Jenkins, Luke Doreck, Alexandra Smith, Mikayla Hesseltine, Conner Jackson and Brooke Maniscalo. 

The 15-year-old division of showmanship saw Megan Rogers take first, followed by Katy Berry, Allie Jordan, Lauren Thomas, Caleb Fuchs, Kayden Tanner, Makenzie Sheffield, Zachary Mills, Jadan Butler and Meghan Hein. 

Winners in the 16-year-old division were Amelia Stavinoha, Jacob Friedrich, Cole Mau, Savannah McLaurin, Kaitlynn Miller, Tyler Denny, Brody Hill, Emma Shivers, Regan Merryfield and Ashley Mixon. 

The winners in the17-year-old division were Payton Meuth, Colton Payne, Alyssa Bowen, Macalan Amick, Alexander Garrison, Jordan Meyer, Stephen Gooch, Caitlyn Cooper, Blaine Gibson and Shelby Lepley. 

In the oldest group, 18 and above, the winner was Key Lutrick, followed by Bryan Sadler, Carlye Rodenbeck, Mikaela Talley, Ashlyn Hesseltine, Catherine Anzaldua, Tyler Jenkins, Jane Hunt, Maggie Beuershausen and Braden Janecek. 
The top two from each age group then competed for the overall showmanship titles. Meuth was named the champion and received $1,000, while Lutrick was the reserve champion and received $750.

Judge for the cattle portion of the event was Barry Wesner from Indiana. Calf champion in the Simmental show was exhibited by Alyssa Bowen with a LLSF Uprising Z925 daughter from Southern Jewel Cattle Co. Reserve calf honors went home with Allie Jordan with a HPF Quantum Leap Z952 daughter from Circle M Farms. Kenzie Martinez won the junior champion honor with her HPF Quantum Leap Z952 daughter, sponsored by Circle M Farms, while the reserve junior champion title went to Michael Moffitt, with a WLE Swagger Y770 daughter sponsored by Moffitt Cattle Co. Kayden Tanner won the senior champion division with a LLSF Uprising Z925 daughter, sponsored by Southern Jewel Cattle Co, while Key Lutrick won the reserve with a Houston X01 daughter from Elmore Cattle Co. The Superbowl Grand Champion Simmental Heifer honor was won by Tanner, while Bowen took the reserve grand honor. Tanner received a buckle and $1,500, while Bowen received a buckle and $1,000.

There was only one entry in the Simbravieh show. The winner was Lauren Thomas with a LMC LF Revelee U449 daughter from La Muneca Cattle Co. She won $100 and a buckle.

Winners in the Percentage Simbrah show portion included heifer calf champion honors to Mayson Elliott, with a heifer sired by LMC Red Alert 5A/25 sponsored by Hallak Ranch, while Emily Denny won the reserve heifer calf honor with a KSSR Chopper daughter sponsored by La Hacienda Hinojosa. The junior champion honors went to Luke Gonzalez, with a WRS Promotion A305 daughter, while Reece Gonzales, won the reserve title with a ZKCC Chopper 844U daughter. Both heifers were sponsored by Baring Cattle Co. The senior division winner was Colton Payne, with a FBFS Wheel Man 649W daughter from Hagan Cattle Co and Kayla Boyett won the reserve with a McCrary Smith Inspired daughter from Smith Genetics and McCrary Farms. Payne saw his senior heifer win the grand title and the check for $500, while Boyett won $250. Both also received buckles.

In the purebred Simbrah show, Wesner awarded junior heifer calf champion honors to Jacob Friedrich with a Smith McCrary Fireball heifer sponsored by Smith Genetics and Miranda Skaggs took the reserve junior calf honor with a Hagan Shamoo 32X daughter sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co. Junior heifer calf champion honors were won by Blaine Gibson with a Smith Satisfies daughter, sponsored by Smith Genetics and reserve in that division went to Jane Hunt with a RFI Real Deal daughter sponsored by Smith Genetics and Reavis Farms. The senior champion title went to Mikaela Talley with a Hagan American Chopper daughter, sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co and Lorelai Hill took the reserve honor with a Smith Satisfies daughter, sponsored by Reavis Farms. The grand honor, a buckle and $1,500 went to Gibson, and Hunt took home the reserve banner, buckle and $1,000.  Payout in the purebred Simbrah division included $200 and $150 to division and reserve division winners, plus class winners received a belt buckle and payment was awarded 10 places deep.
At the conclusion of the show, the Superbowl sponsors awarded 40 scholarships in the amount of $250 each for a total of $10,000.

Sponsors for the 2017 Superbowl are 6G Ranch, Baring Cattle Company, Blissard Cattle Company, Boening Brothers, Burch Farms, C&H Homestead, Circle M Farms, Diamond RF Farms, Elmore Cattle Services, Foster Brothers, Freasier Ranch, Hagan Cattle Company, Hallak Ranch, HH-Hay Ranch Land & Cattle, LLC, Hidden Oaks Cattle, JV Cattle Company, Knezek Simmental Simbrah Ranch, La Escoba Cattle Co, La Hacienda Hinojosa, La Muneca Cattle, La Negra Cattle Company, La Morra Ranch, LPJ Ranch, McCrary Farms, Moffitt Cattle, Nieschwietz 7N Ranch, Peach Creek Ranch, Pine Ridge Ranch, Reavis Farms, Inc, RGV Cattle Company, Seale Show Cattle, Smith Genetics, Southern Jewel Cattle Company, Temperance Livestock, Triple J/Carpenter Ranch, Turkey Creek Cattle Company, Walters Livestock.


Grand Champion Simmental honors went to Kayden Tanner with his Southern Jewel Cattle Co. sponsored heifer. He received, $1,500 and a buckle for the win.

Alyssa Bowen exhibited the reserve grand champion in the Superbowl Simmental show. Her Southern Jewel Cattle Co. sponsored heifer won her $1,000 and buckle.


Lauren Thomas was awarded the grand champion Simbravieh  honor and won $100 and a buckle.

Colton Payne exhibited the grand champion percentage Simbrah heifer at the Superbowl. His heifer was sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co. and Payne won $500 and a buckle.


Kayla Boyett saw her heifer sponsored by Smith Genetics and McCrary Farms take the reserve honor in the percentage Simbrah and netted her $250 and a buckle.

Blaine Gibson  won the grand champion purebred Simbrah title at the Superbowl and $3,000 and a buckle. His heifer was sponsored by Smith Genetics.


Jane Hunt took the reserve grand purebred Simbrah honor, along with $1,500 and a buckle. Her heifer was sponsored by Smith Genetics and Reavis Farms.

Showmanship winners with their buckles (l to r) Jennifer Mask, Carlos X Guerra, II, Jaycie Phillips, Miranda Skaggs, Bradley Meuth, Mia Barba, Madison Culpepper, Megan Rogers, Katy Berry, Amelia Stavinoha, Jacob Freidrich, Payton Meuth, Colton Payne, Key Lutrick and Bryan Sadler. Meuth was the overall winner taking home $1,000 for the win and Lutrick took home $750 as the reserve overall showman. The exhibitors are flanked on the left by Carlos X Guerra, founder of the event and Emily Lochner, judge and on the right by Laramie Priest, judge and Tim Smith, founder.

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